Important information


The Iberg Dripstone Cave is largely unsuitable for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties (gradient of 17 %, cave with 100 natural steps upwards and downwards). Sturdy shoes are needed underground.

The Museum on the upper floor can be reached by an elevator. The exihibition underground is accessible to wheelchair users only with help.

Please do not hesitate to inquire!


There are around 8 °C in our cave. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are needed underground − also in summer!

Taking pictures 

Taking pictures underground is not allowed because bats are among the most protected species and the whole year they have their resting places in the underground areas of the CaveExperienceCenter which is located in a FFH region. “It is forbidden to disturb, to catch, injure or kill wildlife willfully or without reasonable cause" by the Federal Nature Conservation Act (§ 39, paragraph 1, also bats). We have decided not to disturb the bats additionally to the daily visitors and therefore prohibited the photographing underground. At about 70,000 visitors a year, and estimated at least 700,000 photos would be given an impairment in any case. We want to ensure all bat roosts and therefore act preventative in terms of species protection. Also photographing would interfere with the guided tours very much. Taking pictures in the museums is not allowed because of copyrights and interfering other visitors.

For press photographs or paid special permits (just outside the regular opening times), a written authorization is necessary.


Unfortunatly, dogs are not allowed in the cave and museum, but get a drink in our cafeteria.

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