The Iberg – A reef goes travelling

The Iberg rises above Bad Grund as an impressive limestone massif – something very unusual for the Upper Harz Mountains and a geological rarity. 385 million years ago, the Iberg formed as a coral reef close to the position of present-day Madagascar. Continental drift brought it to its cooler location on the Earth’s northern hemisphere, where it became part of the present-day Harz Mountains.

The 160 m long exhibition underground on Your way to the cave was blasted out of the rock and turns the very unusual history of the Iberg as a reef into a sensuous experience right in the middle of the reef itself. Here, the geology and history of the Earth are imparted in a way unmatched anywhere else in Germany.

Accompany the Iberg on its journey from the South Seas to the North, and get to know it as a site of ancient and mediaeval iron ore mining!

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